We Melee Statues Rules.

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We Melee Statues Rules.

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2)Currency & Sponsorship
3)Point System
5)For More Information/Contact Info


  • Applications for We Melee Statues are open to all players with one or more jobs level 75.

Currency & Sponsorship

  • At this time We Melee Statues does not have a main Sponsor.
  • The Linkshell Bank at this time is used to reward our members with Payouts & Free -1 Upgrades.
  • All Currency for -1 Upgrades obtained from a winning Bid or Purchase are Free so members obtain a completed piece from the Linkshell.
  • -1 Upgrades that are obtained through Freelot may purcahse Currency from the Linkshell Bank at 4,000 Gil Per Piece.
  • The Bank SH reserves the right to deny the Members an amount of Currency for the duration based on low linkshell bank funds.
  • Currency dropped on linkshell sponsored runs will go to the linkshell bank to sponsor future runs. Documentation of this can be viewed on the bank thread(s).

Point System

Earning Points

  • Being in the zone for on-time attendance and remaining for at least an hour will net you .5 points.
  • Attending to completion, or in the case of latecomers at least an hour before completion to the end, will reward you another .5 points.
  • To earn a full point per run, you must be on time and stay until the end. If you are AFK more than 1/6 of the run you will not receive full points, and may not receive any if your AFK time exceeds 40% of the run.
  • Any time spent not participating in the run by your own choice or as the result of your neglectful actions on your part counts as AFK time. In other words, if you accidentally run off and die in the middle of a difficult area, then spend 40% of the run there dead because of your mistake, you will receive no credit for attending.
  • Hindering the Linkshell's success by not listening to instructions, causing links, or aggroing mobs unnecessarily will result in point deductions.
  • Large mistakes will result in a loss of 5 points. I.E. if you singlehandedly set back the entire Dynamis event.
  • Skilling up or purposeful misuse of a non-ideal weapon-type during Dynamis will result in a loss of 5 points. Example: Samurai using a polearm. This is not up for debate.
  • Failure to use Reraise items consistently during important runs (Xarcabard and CoP Dynamises) may result in point deductions.
  • Xarcabard will net an extra half point for the defeat of the Dynamis Lord to all who attend during the fight.
  • Being annoying or disruptive repeatedly will be met with warnings. If you choose to ignore them points will be subtracted.

Obtaining Items

1. Bidding

  • Bidding will take place before entering Dynamis. When bidding begins, the "auctioneer" will ask the shell for item requests. Items will be bid off based on requests and no other items will be listed for bid. Please be prompt on bid requests.
  • Only those who were on time can bid.
  • You cannot bid on items if you have three *'s on the point list or if you are on your first run back from hiatus.
  • Relic armor will be lotted on by the highest bidder (the first person to bid the highest amount of points). Points are only deducted if the item is obtained.
  • Tying bids are not allowed.
  • If multiples of the same armor drop, the next highest bidder will receive the item for the cost that they bid.
  • By taking a piece of relic armor, you make a commitment to stay with the linkshell. We expect you to remain a member for a reasonable amount of time after receiving an item.
  • To bid on a piece of relic armor from city Dynamises, you must be level 65+ in that job and actively leveling it (if you cannot equip it then and there).
  • To bid on a Northlands or CoP Dynamis only drop, you must be able to equip it.
  • You can only win a bid on 1 piece of relic armor per run, though you may be in the running for several as long as you did not win the bid. Once you win a bid you are no longer allowed to bid, even if it is not your intent to win the bidding.

2. Purchasing

  • Relic Armor that drops and was not reserved by bid goes through a purchasing phase, where anyone who wishes to pay for the item may cast lots after stating their intent. If they win the lot, they will be charged 2 points for City Relics & 6 Points for Northland / CoP Dynamis items.
  • Level priority is identical to the priority enforced during bids.
  • If someone who does not meet the level requirements wishes to purchase an item after those who do have been given a chance, they may do so.
  • If a member wishes to purchase a piece of relic in the above way, they may do so whether they can afford the total fee or not. They will be charged whatever is possible. Negative points are not possible.
  • There is no limit to the number of items one can purchase on a run.

3. Freelotting

  • If no one has bid on or wishes to pay for an item which drops, then it is opened to total freelot, and anyone of any job and level may lot it.
  • All relic weapons are open to freelot at all times.
  • There is no limit to the number of items one can acquire through freelot.

4. Misc.

  • Attestations and Animated weapons have a fixed price of 10 points.
  • Relic -1 and Relic Accessories will be bid as usual, with an additional requirement: You must have the NQ relic to bid on the HQ upgrade item. When farming begins, the mobs we initially aim to kill will be the ones that drop the items with the highest bids on them. If you really want an item, bid generously.
  • Shadow Ring and Mantle will be bid as a set, the winner will receive whichever item drops. In the highly unlikely to impossible circumstance in which both items drop, the second will go to the next eligible highest-bidder (winner will have dibs on whichever they choose). You must be level 75 PLD or NIN to bid on them.

Miscellaneous Rules

  • If you wish to attend on an alternate character you've never brought before, you must ask ahead of time.
  • No complaining about decisions made by leaders during the run. ANY decision. If you have a problem make a topic on the forums.
  • Beastmasters are prohibited from summoning pets in the Northlands and Chains of Promathia areas.
  • XP Scrolls will auto-distribute. Do not lot them.
  • Plan on bringing RR whenever you can. It's absolutely required during Xarcabard and CoP runs. Those who fail to bring RR cannot expect anything more than Raise I from the linkshell.
  • If you miss four Sunday runs in a row, your name will be automatically removed from the roster and your points will be forfeit. No excuses will be accepted.* If you have 3 stars, and you're worried about missing the run for some reason, put yourself on hiatus for safety's sake.
  • If you are in danger of losing your points, make a post on the Hiatus Area of the forums notifying us that you wish to be placed on Hiatus. If you cannot post it is up to you to contact multiple sackholders to notify us, though let it be known that we'd prefer for members to post.
  • If you do not show up the next week and you currently have 3 stars, you will lose all of your points. It is your responsibility to contact us, no one will be put on hiatus automatically.
  • You are removed from Hiatus after the first Sunday run you fully attend. You cannot bid on that run.
  • If you are unable to attend a run due to not meeting the minimum requirements for entry, and you are on the linkshell at the time attendance is taken you will be marked as in attendance for that run. However, you will NOT receive any points.
  • *'s are no longer removed by going on hiatus; you will exit hiatus with the same number as you went on hiatus with.

*If you feel you have a case in which you had either no chance to contact the shell and/or a very good reason, you may speak with the sacks and they may consider point reinstatement.

For More Information/Contact Info

  • For more information concerning banking, please check the bank thread.
  • Attendance rules are listed on the point tracking threads.
  • We Melee Statues is anti-RMT. If you're caught gilbuying or assisting RMT you will be kicked.
  • If you have any further questions, you may contact any of the following sackholders: Xenedra, Mental, Sphinx.

These rules are an attempt to write the standards and practices of the linkshell most accurately in text. They cover in greater detail and explicitly state many of the policies we enforce based on decisions made by sackholders or the linkshell, which were made into unwritten rules. Some unwritten rules are necessary in order for decisions to be made on the fly and for common sense to prevail. We will however, be making an attempt to update the rules more often so that the difference between the actual application of the rules and their written form doesn't differ greatly. Please bear in mind however that these rules are only an attempt at creating an optimal policy; and if a situation clearly obviously calls for improvisation, the sackholders will act accordingly.


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