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We Melee Statues.

Post  mental on Thu Mar 25, 2010 9:36 am

Welcome to our Forum!

WeMeleeStatues has a core team that has done Dynmais for many years, Our aim has always been to create a relaxed & friendly atmosphere while we obtain the more Alusive items that Dynamis has to offer and farm City Relic Pieces within the flow of our CoP Dynamis runs.

We Melee Statues runs once every Sunday at 12:30 EST / 5:30 GMT. These are our Attendance times and members are expected to be at the entry point for the scheduled zone at this time. We aim to enter the zone half an hour after this if not earlier.

Runs will be scheduled up to a month in advance and can be found either on these forums, or on the RB Calendar. We will schedule a balanced mix of Northlands and CoP Dynamis.

At this time We Melee Statues does not have a main Sponsor. The Linkshell Bank at this time is used to reward our members with Payouts & Free -1 Upgrades.

All Currency for -1 Upgrades obtained from a winning Bid or Purchase are Free so members obtain a completed piece from the Linkshell.

For more detailed information, Please take a look at our Rules section, Any questions feel free to PM or contact us in game.


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