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Application Template

Post  Xenedra on Sat Aug 02, 2008 1:32 pm

Application Template

Your application is your first and initially most important impression to WeMeleeStatues. As leaders, we are looking for the kind of effort we expect to see you use in Dynamis expressed in your overall application. As members, we are looking at who you express yourself to be, as someone who we will be playing with on a regualr basis.

Once your application is reviewed, it will be placed into a poll that all current members are allowed to vote in. The purpose of the poll is for our current members to discuss each applicant's attributes and reputation, as well as past experiences with said applicant.

Please roughly use the Template below when posting your Application.

Ingame name:

Jobs 75 (please list the levels of each respective job):

Available subjobs:

Any jobs you wish to obtain relic for:

Notable gear, merits, etc. you have for your jobs:

Linkshells you're currently in:

What you hope to gain from Dynamis:

What flags do you have:

Have you beaten the CoP mission "Darkness Named" (Diabolos):

Anything else you'd like to tell us?:

An 'X' signifies that you have read and understand all the linkshell rules before applying: [ ]


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