Ikee Application.

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Ikee Application.

Post  Ikee on Sun Jun 06, 2010 3:12 pm

Ingame name: Ikee

Jobs 75 (please list the levels of each respective job):
BRD RDM BST WAR, all are at 75!

Available subjobs: NIN BLM WHM, (no /DRK for RDM yet as it was lvl'd for solo/duo/tank purpose at the start, but going to work for that as I know it can be usefull for dynamis).

Any jobs you wish to obtain relic for: RDM (obtained my other relics with DynamisSymphony which broke like 4 years ago)

Notable gear, merits, etc. you have for your jobs:


Weapon: Terra's Staff, Apollo's Staff, Pluto's Staff (if I need to rest), Chanter's Staff.
Sub: Earth/Light Grip.
Range: All usefull horns (including carol one), working on the lullaby+2. I use string instrument only for ballads when I'm in a mage PT.
Ammo: X
Head: Demon Helm +1, Bard's Roundlet, Walahra Turban.
Neck: Wind Torque
Earrings: Singing Earring, Musical Earring, Loquacious Earring.
Rings: Nereid Ring (x2, both with fire +10/12 augmont), Omega Ring, tossed the CoP ring to get the mage CoP ring but didnt get it yet (will get it this evening, I was just a little lazy;Wink.
Body: Sha'ir Manteel, Ixion Cloak, Goliard Saio, Errant houppelande, Minstrel's Coat, (Kirin Osode but lent it to a friend that doesnt seems to play much anymore;; ).
Hands: Choral cuffs +1, (Sheikh Gages but lent them to that same friend... ).
Back: Astute Cape, Umbra Cape.
Waist: Dorin Obi (earth one), Gleeman's Belt.
Legs: Marduk's Shalwar, Choral Cannions +1, Byakko's Haidate, Bard's Canninons.
Feet: Goliard Clogs, Oracle's Pigaches, Rostrum Pumps.

(I have 5/5 relic bard but listed only the ones I find usefull)

RDM (very recent 75, bought a few expensive gears for a friend so I couldnt buy all buyable I should yet, so it is taking a little more time as I prefer waiting for white box items;Wink

Weapon: Terra's/Apollo's/Aquilo's/Pluto's/Auster's Staff, Thunder Staff (Joyeuse..).
Sub: Earth Grip.
Range: None yet
Earrings: Loquacious Earring, Enfeebling Earring.
Rings: CoP mage ring, Omega Ring, Snow Ring (x2), Aqua Ring.
Head: Warlock's Chapeau.
Neck: Enfeebling/Elemental Torque (have a MND neck but can't remember/find it).
Bodys: Ixion Cloak, Errant Houppelande, Goliard Saio, Warlock's Tabar.
Hands: Devotee's Mitts +1, Dusk Gloves (with MND+2 augmont).
Back: Umbra Cape.
Legs: Mahatma Slops, Warlock's Tights.
Feet: Mahatma Pigaches, Goliard Clogs.
Waist: Hierarch Belt, Penitent's Rope, Dorin Obi.

Uncursed A.Head/Legs/Feet

I have enmity or a few haste gears but I don't think they will have any use. I can list them if you like to though!

WAR/BST (listing them together)

I really rarely get to play these jobs so I started to sell their equip and stopped trying to equip them (for people that get to play DD job more) with the time :<

Weapons: Maneater, Joyeuse(WARonly), Byakko's Axe(WARonly), Fortitude Axe(WARonly), Temperance Axe(BSTonly)
Sub: Had double attack/STR ones but I can't find them ; ;
Range: Bomb Core (WARonly, but lent it to another friend that doesnt seems to come back from vacations;; ), CC for BST
Head: Walhara Turban, Wyvern Helm(BSTonly), Abtal Turban, Zooler Hat(BSTonly), uncursed E.Head.
Neck: Spike Necklace.
Earrings: Suppanomimi, Supremacy Earring, Brutal Earring
Rings: Flame rings (x2 but they are with that same friend), Woodsman's Ring.
Body: Askar Body, Hauberk, (Kirin's Osode...Wink.
Hands: Dusk Gloves, Alky. Brc., Warrior's Mufflers, Uncursed N.Hands.
Back: Amemet mantle+1, Forager's Mantle (But that one is with the same guy as rings/range Sad )
Waist: Warwolf Belt, Swift.
Legs: Askar Dirs, Byakko's Haidate.
Feet: Askar Gambieras, Adaman Sollerets.


4/4MP 4/4HP
5/5 STR (I have to change that...)
8/8 Axe, 4/4 Sword, 8/8 Great Axe skills.
8/8 Wind, 8/8 Singing skills
4/4 Crit. rate

WAR: 2 for: Berserk/Aggressor, 1 Berserk, 5 Double Attack, 1 Warrior's Charge.
RDM: 3/5 Convert, working on it still.
BST: 5/5 Killer Effect, 1 Feral howl
BRD: 5/5 Minne (for BLU's), 5/5 Minuet, 5/5 Troubadour, 3/5 Nightingale, 1 Foe Sirvente/Adventurer's Dirge

there may be a few gear that I forgotten but I tryed to spot them all.

Please note that all the uncursed items I have were items that autosorted to me, I didnt threw them in case I could find them usefull some day.

Linkshells you're currently in: Eminence

What you hope to gain from Dynamis: The fun and RDM relics. Maybe in the future sponsor in hopes of getting a shiny horn, but it will depend on how FF14 is so it is not something coming soon.

What flags do you have: All but Qufim/Tavnazian flags.

Have you beaten the CoP mission "Darkness Named" (Diabolos): Yes.

Anything else you'd like to tell us?: I am going to try to get access to people I lend item's account to get them back (I know them well), and will rebuy things if nothing can be done in the near futur. I can detail my item sets for BRD and RDM if you like to.

Appart from dynamis, I like crafting and have a 100+6 with subs WoodWorking and a LeatherCraft mule nearing the 100 mark with CC and Smithing subs aviable (for the moment), so if anyone need anything crafted/signed I'll be glad to help.

Being EU (french, which explain my bad english skills I apologize for), your dynamis runs fit perfectly with what I am looking for: my playtime has reduced a lot from what it used to be and one run per week on sunday afternoon/evening is a prety cool time for me.

An 'X' signifies that you have read and understand all the linkshell rules before applying: [X]


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Re: Ikee Application.

Post  mental on Sun Jun 06, 2010 3:53 pm

Hello Ikee Smile

Thank you for applying to WeMeleeStatues. Your application has been moved to the voting section, we should have an answer for you by Saturday the 12th of June.

Good Luck!

Xenedra & Co.


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Re: Ikee Application.

Post  mental on Fri Jun 11, 2010 4:08 pm

Hey Ikee Smile

Congratulations, Your application has been accepted, welcome to WeMeleeStatues!

This week is Dynamis - Qufim, please see Myself, Xenedra or Sphinx for a Pearl.


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Re: Ikee Application.

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