Nyzul Isle recruitment !

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Nyzul Isle recruitment !

Post  Ash on Wed Jul 09, 2008 1:48 pm

As the title says, I'm starting a Nyzul Isle Assault static, and in need of members (currently 3/6).

- starting at 9.30-10PM GMT on sundays. That's just after Dynamis, basically.
- Ending 2 hours later. Or 2.30 hours if everyone's a Captain Razz.

Jobs needed:
With the ability of current members to switch jobs as needed, we have some flexibility in what jobs to recruit, but some jobs constitute a big plus:
- NIN.
- PLD. Preferably not as your only job.
- BRD.
- COR.
- BLM. Preferably not as your only job.
- WHM.
- SCH.

But don't hesitate to apply even if you only have melee DD jobs.

Other requirements:
- Dedication. If you're going to miss half the runs, don't apply. RL happens, sure. But if it happens every other week, guess the schedule isn't compatible with you.
- Willingess to follow instructions. This shouldn't be a concern with most people of this LS, but better safe than sorry.
- Ability to spend 4-5 Assault tags per week on Nyzul Isle. That means you only get 2-3 tags per week for other Assaults and Salvage points.
- Captain rank is preferred, but not required.
- If PLD or NIN: MDB/-magic damage taken, enmity+ and Fire Resist gear. We obviously don't require the very best, but a few pieces here and there work wonders.
- If another job: well, gear appropriate to your job Razz.

If interested, either reply here or /t Blacky or me.


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