Bastok - September 27th

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Bastok - September 27th

Post  Veloci on Tue Sep 29, 2009 12:57 pm

I happened to be parsing this run for myself and my parse picked up on all the drops (well, when I wasn't disconnected that is)

Here's the result:


The reason I was parsing was I wanted to have a Dynamis run where I was actually awake and somewhat trying to do decent damage. I had a Marinara Pizza +1 on for most of this, until I died. After that it was Coeurl Subs (probably the last half of the run or so). I also disconnected maybe 3 or 4 times, as POL kept crashing when there was any major activity under the bridge. I'd like to applaud Robbie for doing a damn fine job of keeping me alive for the majority of the run; I know I was being a huge MP sponge.


I reckon 300k would've been possible if I'd have been using a proper SAM food the entire run instead of the final half, as well as no disconnections or deaths. Better gear and capped Merits would help too heh. I probably missed out on a fair amount of skillchain damage too: as the melee know, if you change gear before the skillchain damage shows in the log then it doesn't show up. Overall I'm pretty happy with how I performed, even if I was a bit of a sponge.

N.B. Had to hotlink the parse as it messed up the forum.

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