Aegis Status.

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Aegis Status.

Post  mental on Thu Sep 10, 2009 3:44 pm

Hello everyone.

At present while including the current Schdule we have finished the 1 Byne Bills and are not that far off of completing T. Whiteshells. For the final stage i'll need to obtain a 10,000 piece from O. Bronze pieces. Well, i do have Sponsorship from a friend for the refunded 30 M. Silverpieces making it 70 M. Silverpieces and we have already been working on the final stage in the O. Bronze Currency for a few weeks.

At present we are at 11/70 on M. Silverpieces for the Final stage within, well, a couple off days off 7 Months.

First of all i'd like to thank everyone for all of there support in and outside of Dynamis at this stage already, so many of you are so.. fantastic!<3

I'd also like to mention that i am looking to purchase O. Bronzepieces for up to 12,000G Each, then again cast lots in Campain is mean! Also, if you are in a position to purchase them off of other players if you see them, that would be nice of you, i am online almost every day and i'll refund your Gil right away.

Thanks again everyone, Menty.


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