Ryeshinyih Application

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Ryeshinyih Application

Post  Ryeshinyih on Sun Sep 28, 2008 10:45 pm

Ingame name: Ryeshinyih

Jobs 65+ (please list the levels of each respective job): 75mnk(Main), 75rng (i also have 75thf that i use for farming and 75 pld which is retired)

Available subjobs: war mnk whm thf pld rng sam nin dnc

Any job you wish to obtain relic for: Mnk (rng and thf eventually.)

Notable gear, merits, etc. you have for your main job:

Dune Boots/fuma sune-ate
Arakan Samue
brown belt
kirin's Pole

H2H - 5
Crit - 4
Kick - 2
Eva - 1
formless strikes - 1

Linkshells you're current in: Sack in Stars of Destiny (social)

What you hope to gain from Dynamis: some nice new gear and relief from the boredom of leveling different jobs. plus i had fun doing it before i just haven't been able to find a shell that fits my work schedule too well.

What flags you have: Bastok (the dynamis shell I was in, VeniVidiVici was new and fell apart before we really did anything.)

Have you beaten the CoP mission "Darkness Named" (Diabolos): yes.

An 'X' signifies that you have read and understand all the linkshell rules before applying: [X]


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Re: Ryeshinyih Application

Post  Xenedra on Mon Sep 29, 2008 5:17 pm

Thanks for applying to We Melee Statues! Your application has been moved to the voting section for review and we should have an answer for you by Friday, October 3rd.


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Re: Ryeshinyih Application

Post  Alveen on Sat Oct 04, 2008 10:19 am

Your application has been accepted, welcome to We Melee Statues! Our next run will be this Sunday in Xarcabard, feel free to drop by and pick up a pearl!

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Re: Ryeshinyih Application

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