How to do Dynamis - Basics

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How to do Dynamis - Basics

Post  Ayvaen on Sat Aug 30, 2008 9:14 am

How to do Dynamis - Basics

  • You may have to play differently in Dynamis then you're used to doing outside of it; make sure you read our job-specific guidelines and familiarize yourself with your responsibilities.
  • It doesn't hurt to learn other people's responsibilities either, but remember it's intended as a guideline and some performance may vary depending on what sort of party type you're put in.
  • Try to have Signet when you show up to Dynamis.
  • Educate yourself on strategies employed during Dynamis and on the terrain we'll be fighting on. The more you know, the less we have to explain, and the better your chances are of understanding it.
  • It's important that you know when it's okay to go AFK, and if you do, notify everyone and do not rest during it.
  • Never set follow to someone while you're AFK.
  • Please pay attention to LS chat and party chat. Tuning everything out may seem like it makes the experience go by much quicker, but you will be held responsible for directions you do not follow or for not pulling your weight during the event.
  • Memorize what job each monster is and what traits said monster has.
  • Try not to position yourself in front of Demons in Xarcabard, Condemnation is a painful cone WS.
  • Don't come on a job which is less useful to the group because you want to; we will ask you to change, we don't want to have to ask you to change. This goes for subjobs too.
  • Learning the paths we take through Dynamis will make it easier for you to catch up if you fall behind and more conscious of what's going on during the run.
  • You are expected to bring and use the proper medicines for Valkurm, Qufim, Buburimu, Tavnazia, and Xarcabard Dynamis. These are listed in the strategy section usually, or a list can be obtained from a sackholder.
  • All visual effect filters should be turned on during Dynamis, especially CoP runs.
  • Keep spam to a minimum. Look over your macros and try and figure out your party needs to know out of what you're broadcasting. For example, if you have a "/p cure III <t>" macro line, remove it for Dynamis, the same goes for witty job ability macros. You can always copy a book and make a vanilla macro set just for Dynamis and preserve the original.
  • Avoid AFKing when dead, and if you must, make sure to say something in /linkshell. This is especially important during a wipe when time and MP are stretched. Raisers also need to pay attention to avoid casting it more than once.
  • After a wipe, raise WHMs who need it first. After that comes refreshers, anyone else (with raise) who can help recover, then tanks, Black Mages, and finally melees.

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