How to do Dynamis - A Job Specific Guide

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How to do Dynamis - A Job Specific Guide

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How to do Dynamis - A Job Specific Guide


  • Your role is to stay alive while dealing a reasonable amount of damage, if you die halfway into a fight but deal twice as much damage as when you are normally alive, it would've been the same as doing normal damage the entire fight, and more when you consider the wasted Raise MP and 5 minutes resting time
  • Saving TP for strategic use can be useful (NIN WHM MNK types)
  • Make sure you /autotarget off and follow assisting guidelines
  • If you have means to pull hate without waking slept mobs, it helps sleepers (provoke, stuns, collaborator on RDMs + BLMs). Make sure you have a method of surviving until the mobs can be re-slept (shadows, third eye, etc).
  • Bringing cheap food helps, mobs aren't that evasive in Dynamis so I suggest Meat Mithkabobs.


  • A Black Mage's main job is usually to nuke down statues. In cases such as Xarcabard, the Black Mage's main focus will be time nuking Ahriman mobs.
  • AM II is horridly inefficient. Tier 3s or 4s are much more cost efficient. Don't scoff at tier 3s, they cast faster and are almost as efficient as 4s. There are very few instances in which you'll want to use AM II.
  • Once the statues are down, focus on helping to sleep and damage the melee targets. Nuking is vital on PLDs and THFs during their 2 hours (invincible and perfect dodge). Stuns are helpful on any mob type (especially to delay 2 hour usage).
  • For sleeping mobs you should get as much enfeebling skill gear as possible for sleeps, Igquira really helps, at the very least you should have the tiara.
  • Try and keep a distance from mobs you've slept for safety's sake.
  • Know and understand Sleep durations! Lullabye (<1 minute) -> Sleep I = Sheep Song = Light Shot (1 minute) -> Sleep II = Yawn = Soporific = Repose (1 1/2 minutes). Multi-target versions of spells are identical to single target for duration and hierarchy purposes.
  • Thus, if used together seamlessly you can get over 2 minutes of sleeping mobs from Sleepga I -> Sleepga II.
  • Understand which mobs are immune to dark based sleep, and which are resistant to it.
  • Dragoon types will spawn wyvern pets, which have an MP pool for aspir. Make sure you sleep them before you aspir them if it's still awake. Most Beast Master's pet mobs have an MP pool as well.
  • Try and be prompt whilst participating in time nukes. The most common time nuke situation involves -ga spelling sets of Ahriman. A mis-cast can cause unneeded death and loss of time. Also try and use Elemental Seal when it is available.


  • Prioritize targets when you're main assist. Remember to take down SMN types first and save WHMs for last. Killing mobs which die faster (because of lower defense, hp or non-defensive 2 hours) will give the sleepers fewer targets to deal with.
  • When main assist, know when to use Sentinel. Save it for Hundred Fists, unless you know that there are no more monks coming up for awhile.
  • If you aren't main assist, kite statues or provoke and flash sleeping mobs.
  • Casting a cure on a BLM or RDM that Sleepga'd monsters gives you hate to all of them. Using a hate generating Job Ability after that will result in hate gained to all of them, this is a very useful trick.
  • Help with cures if possible, you might have a modest MP pool but you can still keep people alive.
  • Understand how hate works, Provoke and Flash give mostly decaying enmity which is gone by the time the timer is up again, for this reason using them once a mob is slept essentially has no effect by the time it wakes up; try to use them shortly before a mob wakes up. (Sleep Durations: I - 1 minute, II - 1 1/2 minutes)


  • Your primary task is to sleep and enfeeble.
  • Cast Silence on all pet mobs except in Xarcabard. This is especially vital on Quadav Scorpions to prevent Breakga.
  • Be aware of where you stand in relation to mobs; standing by slept, bound, or gravity'd targets can be dangerous.
  • Aspir helps, try to use it as often as you can on creatures with MP pools (casting job beastmen, pets, wyverns).
  • Gravity is incredibly useful, especially on monk mobs or pets that are especially nasty (Scorpions, Hecteyes).
  • Familiarize yourself with how to use Chainspell and Stun in unison. If you have questions feel free to ask Alveen or another RDM Veteran in the shell. Stun from the magic menu only!
  • Review the BLM section for information on sleeping durations and hierarchy.


  • Help sleep most targets, but NOT Summoner Avatars.
  • Fomor (Hounds) and Orc (Hecteye) Beastmaster pets are completely resistant to dark based sleep, a light-sleeper MUST handle them.
  • Use Elegy as much as possible, especially on NMs and special targets.
  • Threnodies can be helpful (dark especially on sleep-resistant mobs such as Paladins).
  • If you are in the BLM party consider supporting them with additional barspells and cures.


  • Your job to keep your party members alive first and foremost.
  • Shell and protect help with this, especially on Ninjas and Black Mages.
  • Watch out for status ailments, they must be removed except in certain situations (on demons melees will probably be getting blinded in rapid succession, so don't bother with blindna).
  • Pay attend to your MP pool and know when you need to heal and when a Green(MP) or Blue(HP) Eyed Statue is on the way, pullers will try to say this in the LS channel.
  • Aspir as much as possible if you're subbing blm or sch.


  • Repose is a useful tool in certain situations, but should not be a basic priority. Only use it when we're up against things which cannot be slept with dark-based sleeps or in a tight situation (when we're wiping).
  • Level Scholar subjob; it really does help that much.
  • Use flash at important times; such as when a heavy-hitting melee-job mob 2 hours (MNK, SAM, WAR).


  • Learn needed sac pulls by reading orders leaders give even if you're not the puller.
  • Level 5 Feint helps when we reach the higher level mobs in the zone.
  • Use Collaborator on party members who pull hate often.
  • Make sure you get Treasure Hunter on Statues with ranged attacks.


  • Toss Tomahawks at resistant targets (Slimes, Hecteyes, Birds, Vanguard Eyes, Statues - mostly BST pets).
  • /SAM offers more offense but less defense than /nin; it's better for Dynamises with hard megabosses such as CoP zones and Xarcabard, but /nin works fine and is preferable for other zones.


  • Help kite statues if there is an excess amount of them.
  • You might be asked to be main assist. Have damage mitigation gear ready for this (Arhat's Gi + Jinpachi + Earth Staff at least!)


  • Fully merited Angon is extremely useful.
  • Don't use spirit link unless your support has an excess amount of MP.


  • Try to get every spell, a lot of them are useful in Dynamis even though they aren't elsewhere.
  • Have different gear setups, one for healing, one for melee damage, and one for magic damage if you possibly can.
  • Versatility is your main advantage, your damage will be lacking on higher level mobs, the ability to switch between various roles is what will make you the most useful to the linkshell in Dynamis.


  • In Dynamis COR plays like BRD. Your job is to support your party with buffs and cures.
  • Don't sub RNG. WHM, RDM, and SCH make good subs for the ability to backup heal.
  • Don't bring ammo specifically for ranged attack damage, you'll only be using Quick Draw.
  • Don't try to get the most effective roll values on everyone, but do try to get a roll on everyone (which can be especially challenging in Dynamis). This means you may have to double up even when it's on a good number in order to hit those who missed the first roll.
  • Make sure you have an Agility set of gear, Light Shot is very important!
  • Review the sleep hierarchy information on the BLM section.
  • Your 2 hour is very effective during boss fights, as it can reset the 2 hour of other players in your party. Try and use it during Dynamis Lord fights at the appropriate time, it can be the difference between victory and defeat!


  • Your job in Dynamis doesn't differ heavily from your job in an XP party, support your members and do the occasional bloodpact.
  • Aerial Armor blink is inferior to Third Eye BUT overwrites it so take care if you choose to use this and have seigan users in your party.


  • Don't come on BST to an event if you can avoid it.
  • If you must come on BST, you cannot use a pet, as pets will auto-attack anything that damages them with an AOE, this will interfere with sleeping.


  • Don't come to Dynamis on PUP if you can avoid it.
  • If PUP is your only job, be prepared to play many different roles in Dynamis. Your main strength is your versatility; be prepared to help heal, nuke, or melee as events call for.


  • Don't use Souleater or Last Resort except in boss fights.
  • Work on gathering a set of equipment for zerg fights.


  • Have Seigan up before every weapon skill, Hasso is useful, but you're going to pull hate after a WS most of the time and those attacks which get through will cost your support a lot of MP.
  • A defensive set of gear is extremely useful and cheap to build, start with Arhat's Body and Head.
  • Warding Circle is extremely useful in Xarcabard.


  • Sub Ninja to all non-Xarcabard or CoP runs. You can sub war there as it's much more useful to have for the boss fight than Ninja Subjob.


  • Dancer essentially plays just like it does outside of Dynamis, support your party members with heals and focus on that as we'll be using you as a WHM essentially.

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